Highlights of CrimeCon 2018

CrimeCon pic
Image: CrimeCon.com

Leveraging more than two decades of experience in digital marketing, Mike Boudet serves as president of Incongruity Media and host of the true crime podcast Sword and Scale. Mike Boudet recently attended CrimeCon 2018.

The annual true crime convention was held from May 4 to 6 and, in addition to engaging and informative sessions, included prominent guest speakers such as Ashleigh Banfield, Nancy Grace, and Laura Richards. The three-day convention also included survivors and family members of those killed by mass murderers detailing their stories. In one particularly emotional interview, Debbi Domingo recounted her last conversation with her mother, who was murdered by the infamous Golden State Killer. Domingo was interviewed by Grace along with her “sister survivors” Michelle Cruz, Margaret Wardlow, and Jane Carson-Sandler, who all detailed their horrific encounters with the serial killer.

One of the biggest developments just prior to CrimeCon was the news that the Golden State Killer had been caught. As such, he was the subject of several intimate sessions, while the investigator who had tracked him all these years, Paul Holes, was the most popular guest at the convention.