Sword and Scale Episode 119


Mike Boudet pic
Mike Boudet
Image: swordandscale.com

Mike Boudet is the president of Incongruity Media and the host of Sword and Scale – an award-winning podcast that focuses on a different true-crime story in each episode. Under the direction of Mike Boudet, Episode 119 of the podcast took an in-depth look at the murder of a North Carolina woman named Laura Ackerson.

A tragic story of ambition cut short, this episode of Sword and Scale hit the Internet and mobile application platforms on August 5, 2018. The focus of the episode was young mother Laura Ackerson, her ex-boyfriend Grant Hayes, and his new wife Amanda.

After a contentious, yearlong custody battle over their two young sons, Laura Ackerson and Grant Hayes had yet to find a workable solution. The tragic death of Laura Ackerson is alleged to be the result of Grant and Amanda Hayes’ plans to start a new life in the Virgin Islands with the boys.

In any event, there is no denying that Laura Ackerson met a violent and horrific end. Police officers found her head, torso, and limbs in separate locations in Oyster Creek, Texas.