Device Targeting in Pay-Per-Click Marketing

pay-per-click (PPC) marketing


The host of the Sword and Scale podcast, Mike Boudet serves as president of Incongruity Media, Inc., in Miramar, Florida. In addition to his work with podcasts, Mike Boudet has years of experience with pay-per-click (PPC) marketing.

Although PPC marketing has existed for years, strategies for effective campaigns have evolved as technology — particularly mobile devices — has changed. However, not every PPC marketing campaign will work equally across all devices. For example, in some places, such as Latin America or Asia, conversion rates tend to be higher for mobile devices than for desktop computers. By studying the demographics and device use in a given region, a business can boost its conversion rate by targeting more widely used devices.

In addition to increasing conversion rates, this strategy can help a business avoid wasting time and money on ads targeting devices that don’t bring in revenue. However, this strategy only works for businesses with a landing page or website specifically designed for mobile devices. If there is not a mobile-optimized site, customers may be unable to carry out a transaction or become frustrated in the attempt.