Quick Podcasting Facts

Mike Boudet
Mike Boudet

A former Internet marketing manager with Global Personals and Motorola, Mike Boudet has diverse experience in audio engineering, online marketing, and podcasting. In addition to producing podcasts such as “This is War” and “Monstruo,” Mike Boudet created Sword and Scale, a true-crime podcast that combines testimony, evidence, and interviews with engaging sound effects to give listeners a unique perspective.

The precise origin of the podcast is unknown, but pioneers Adam Curry and Dave Winer are often credited with its invention in 2004. Curry wrote iPodder, a program that allowed him to download Internet radio broadcasts directly to his ipod, and the idea was improved upon by various developers. Because podcasting is outside of government regulations, it has become a popular form of creative expression across categories such as humor, family, crime, and education. While some corporations and broadcast companies have ventured into the world of podcasting, many of the world’s most popular podcasts are broadcast by amateurs from home studios.

According to Apple, more than 18.5 million podcast episodes have been made available through the iTunes store. This includes more than 550,000 unique podcasts in more than 100 languages.